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Author: David L. “Poppy” Roper


David L. Roper is a prolific writer (over thirty books listed on Amazon) who especially enjoys writing for children. He has had over fifty stories, articles, and poems in children’s publications – plus five children’s books. He is excited about writing the new apologetic series featuring 4-year-old Zoey. One of his favorite things to do is read to his six grandchildren and one great-grandchild (they all call him “Poppy”). To learn more about “Poppy” Roper, check out his Amazon page.

Illustrator: Kacey Francis

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Kacey Francis is the illustrator of the Zoey picture book series. As a child, Francis loved to draw and took as many art classes as he could. After graduating from East Liverpool High School in 1997, Francis went on to Kent State University where he was an art education major. He has illustrated a textbook for morticians. His first illustrated children’s book was A Hug Through the Air. Kacey married Jennifer (Hallam) Francis in July 2014. They live together in East Liverpool, OH with their three children, Christian, Emma, and Lauren Francis.

Publisher: Warren Christian Apologetics Center (Charles C. Pugh III, Director; Terry Varner, Resource Coordinator; Lyn Miller, Copy Editor)

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Warren Christian Apologetics Center is the publisher of the Zoey apologetics series. WCAC is a non-profit, informational theistic center that exists for the purpose of affirming and defending the Christian worldview while aiming to challenge the growing global influence of atheistic thought. WCAC is an intensive effort to produce, publish, and propagate sound, scholarly material that affirms and defends the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ.

To order your copy of the first Zoey book:

Zoey’s first book (ZOEY LIKES TO ASK QUESTIONS) is coming off the press today (Friday, December 14)! Orders received today will be shipped on Monday. To order your copy or copies, go to Note: Once you place your order, click on the cart icon on the upper left-hand corner of the page to complete the transaction. Thanks for your interest.

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Writer: Anne Bailey Coleman (AKA NannyGranne)

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My life has revolved around little ones since the age of twelve when my baby brother was born.  At fourteen, I began teaching the “Cradle Roll” Sunday school class ages 0-2 (yes, taught – not just babysat), and continued past retirement over fifty years later.  When my own children were small, rather than leave them, our home became a licensed daycare.  Throughout their years at home we felt our Lord’s mandate to train our own children in His ways.  We were not nearly perfect, but we tried our best.  Now they teach me.  My husband, with his degrees in Bible and Ministry, always encouraged me to study for myself, providing me with a library of concordances, lexicons, commentaries, and a listening ear.   Perhaps the greatest lessons I’ve learned so far is that there is no realm where God has not spoken, and that Truth has nothing to fear, no matter how it’s examined.  Truth will be found by the honest seeker. (To check out Anne’s blog, click on the “WHY TIME” link in the menu at the top of the page. To contact her personally:

Consultant: Travis Coleman

Travis Coleman and wife

Travis and his wife Kara live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they moved for him to take a teaching position with Rivendell Sanctuary (Now CreatEd in North Carolina), a Biblical Worldview Secondary Education program.  He holds a Master’s degree in Apologetics from Biola University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from York College in York, Nebraska.  He’s a worship leader for their local church and is consultant for the WHY TIME project.  There is nothing he loves more than discussing the Truths of God.