Reviews of the Zoey Books


From Natasha Crain,  author of best-selling apologetics books for kids: “Keep Your Kids on God’s Side” and “Talking With Your Kids About God.” When she read ZOEY LIKES TO ASK QUESTIONS, she remarked, “This is great!” She then posted this review on her blog page:

I’m often asked if there are any beginning apologetics books for preschoolers (it’s not too early to start building a strong worldview!). I hadn’t seen anything in this area until an author sent me his new book called “Zoey Likes to Ask Questions.” It will be the first in a series of apologetics books for preschoolers published by the Warren Christian Apologetics Center. It’s a simple, preschooler-appropriate book that shows how things are made and don’t just appear on their own. Zoey learns that God made everything and that her brother’s trick of trying to convince her that legos built a house on their own couldn’t be true. If you have preschool age kids, check it out.

From James Stamper (5 stars):

Four year old Zoey is, as most children her age, very inquisitive.  She is particularly interested in how things came to be and who made them—a TV screen, tall buildings, a squirrel, the moon, a tree.  After her older brother tricks her into believing that his LEGO house clicked together on its own and “just happened,”  Mom intervenes, and a wonderful discussion ensues about how ALL things are created.  This is a marvelouus little story to help spur on chats regarding creation and the concept that that the builder of all things is God.  ~Jean Davis, Library Media Specialist, Nicoma Park Intermediate School, Choctaw, OK

From Leland Snead:

With Christian Apologetics becoming more and more a subject of note for Christians to use to answer unbelievers, it seems right that children should beginning learning this at an early age. That is just what David Roper is gearing up to do. He writes about the fictional Zoey, a four-year old who asks the kind of questions common to a four-year old, and apologetical answers which should be common for parents to use in helping a child grasp the correct answers from Scripture.

This simple book should appeal to children to help them learn the basics of Bible teaching. Typical of children at this age are the “why,” “who,” and “what” type of question commonly asked. Mr. Roper, a grandfather, wisely concludes this story with a word for parents concerning the need for and how to answer their children’s honest questions with the Bible knowledge likely to be retained in the child’s memory.

Even at a pre-school age, it isn’t unlikely that your children may well be passing Bible knowledge on to their playmates. Zoey Likes to Ask Questions! is Faith Book #1 in a series David Roper plans to continue for children’s apologetical instruction, and for parents too.


Many are aware of “apologetics”: Material written in defense of a (usually religious) belief or position. Although there are many such resources aimed for young adults and older, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of apologetics for kids in grade school. Since apologetics concerns itself heavily with logic and reasoning, I have to admit skepticism at how effective such a book could be for that age group.

That being said, having read my review copy, the author did an outstanding job of introducing some of the very basics of apologetics in a way that young ones would understand. Without giving too much away, the basic question here is: Where do things come from? and this is answered as simply and as concisely as one could hope for.

The artwork is in color throughout and compliments the narrative and/or dialogue on the page. The text itself is fairly simple. A five-year old could probably read it very slowly with some guidance.

Overall this is a great book for parents to introduce their kids to apologetics without getting too technical. Looking forward to the implied future books in the series!

From Dick Sztanyo, author of Graceful Reason: Studies in Christian Apologetics (5 stars):

The Warren Center (publisher of the Zoey series) exists to defend the “big three” (the existence of God, inspiration and authority of Scripture, and the Deity of Christ). The Zoey series is designed to fulfill this mission for 4 years old and above. David Roper has done an excellent job with the story line for these youngsters, and I highly recommend the book . . . This series is, to the best of my knowledge, the only thing currently available for these very young children. It is extremely important to teach these concepts throughout a person’s life so as to insulate them against the skepticism that is permeating our society today.


“I shared it with a friend who teaches pre-kinder. We both like it LOT!” Margaret Whitaker, teacher, Christian school

“I like it.” Sheila Hartman, reading specialist

“I really like it. Great job!” Micah Domina, mother of a 4-year-old

“It’s really good.” Dick Sztanyo, author, Graceful Reason: Studies in Christian Apologetics

“It is grand, I love it. I can pay it no higher compliment.” Bill Robinson, father and grandfather


JUST $9.95!


Natasha Crain (author of Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side, Talking With Your Kids About God, and Talking to Your Kids About Jesus):

Another great set of books for young readers is the Zoey series from the Warren Christian Apologetics Center (author David Roper). I shared their first book here before as well (“Zoey Likes to Ask Questions”). Now they have a second one, “Zoey Still Likes to Ask Questions.” This new book features a young girl who has a lot of questions about God that can’t get answered by just shouting up to God, “Do you hear me?” Through the story, she learns that God HAS spoken and we find out what he said when we turn to Scripture. It would be a great book for preschool or Kindergarten age kids to start getting them to think about why the Bible is so important–God has spoken, and while we can’t hear him audibly, he has given us the answers we need in His word. I love the simple way this important message is taught in the book!

A parent (pen-name EMAN NEP):

Once having learned the ability of speech, kids very quickly use the opportunity to ask all of the myriad questions they have. Why is the sky blue? Why can’t I do this? What is that? Some of these questions are (thankfully) rather simple to explain, but sometimes our little ones can ask questions that are a bit more complex.

Zoey is one of those question-filled little ones.

“Why doesn’t God answer my questions?”

This is just one of a couple questions that Zoey has — and receives an answer to.

Despite the challenging subject matter, the story is simple and straightforward — my 6-year old son was able to read all of the large text with very minimal help. More importantly, he was able to comprehend the basic idea of the story when asked questions about it. The artwork is also very good in that the characters and backgrounds are more realistic in how they are drawn and less like primitive cartoons.

Whether you’re a parent or a Sunday school teacher, this series of books would be an excellent investment in your child’s spiritual development.