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A New Series to Teach Children

The purpose of the Zoey series was to introduce children to the facts that there is a God, the Bible is His Word, and Jesus is His Son. This new series is to incorporate basic Bible truths in coloring storybooks. The first book in the series is IZZY’S SECRET DIARY.

The stories feature 8-year-old Izzy and her little stuffed animals: Bugsly, Eddie the Teddy, Valerie, Nuts and Nuts, Ms. Lily and her six babies, and Humphrey Hippo. Each fun story includes a Bible story, a memory verse, and application. There are five stories to enjoy and more that fifty pictures to color. There are even helpful suggestions in the back for parents or other caregivers. IZZY is perfect for bedtime stories for preschoolers or read-anytime for young readers. Hours of fun for a few dollars.

Available from Amazon.


As we close down this website, we want to say a heartfelt “Thank you!” to those who have supported this effort, especially those who have faithfully followed Nannygranne and encouraged her. You will probably be excited to learn that she is collecting her stories in a book. If you would be interested in that, you can email her at grannecoleman99@gmail.com.

One last note: You can still buy the three-book set of the ZOEY books from the Warren Center for $24.95 plus p&h – a savings of $5.00. To order, go to: https://warrenapologetics.org/bookstore/zoey-faith-book-series.

God bless. David Roper, editor and author.

Nannygranne’s Final Chapter

Children not only have many questions, sometimes they have beautiful answers.  In this final chapter of Nannygranne’s stories, we wanted to ask the children what they anticipate about Heaven.  Lean in a little closer and gaze through the eyes of these little ones as they look into the windows of God’s Home.

Lilly:  I think Heaven will have a pink sky and blue birds and gold dirt and cloud houses and Jesus will smile every time you walk by his house

Caleb:  There won’t be any bad guys and no TV’s with news about ISIS.

Kirsten:  In one house will be Mary and the next house will be Noah.  He will have lots of pets. 

Devin:  The angels will be the soldiers and when it rains it’ll be chocolate and when the trumpet blows, we’ll all go report to King Jesus.

Scarlett:  There will be a big wall with lots of jewels in it that sparkle and a river all around it but no fish and Jesus will be at the gate and he’s all shiny but it’s ok because he’ll let you in and tell you where your family is.

Zoey:  I hope everything there is soft and we can go anywhere and don’t have to worry about getting hurt.

Joseph:  I think it’ll be all sandy like in the Bible but it’ll be gold sand.  Will there be camels?

Harper:  My Grandma will be able to walk there.

Hunter:  In heaven you can go anywhere and won’t get any stickers or chiggers or snakes because God makes everything perfect there.

Dominic:  I’ll be glad to be in Heaven because nobody ever gets in trouble there.

Emily:  My teacher said that there’s no nighttime there.  I don’t like the dark.

Piper:  I heard the preacher say Jesus said that nobody will be married in Heaven.  I’m glad because nobody can get divorced.

Ellie:  Will we know everyone there?  Mommy said there won’t be any stranger danger in Heaven because Jesus won’t let stranger danger be there.

Emmett:  My Granny sings a song about no tears in heaven so there’s no crying in Heaven.

* * * * *

Editor’s note: This will be Nannygranne’s last article on this site. We will be shutting down the site in a week or so. We hope you will still continue to have interest in the ZOEY faith series. If you haven’t purchased the set of three books, we hope you will do that today.

Nannygranne is, of course, Anne Coleman. One of her concerns is that she will lose contact with her many readers. In recent months, she has had visits from twenty-seven different countries. Anne plans to continue to help children with her writing. One thing she is working on is a book that will contain many of her WHY TIME stories.

If you would like to stay in touch with Anne, she has given me permission to share her personal email address: Nannygranne@gmail.com.

May God continue to bless you and your children or grandchildren. David Roper

“Nannygranne, What Does it Mean ‘I Love You’?”


            Having finished a bedtime story, prayers, a sip of water, and every imaginable bedtime ritual, Nannygranne finally tucked little Abby into bed.  This little sparkler had made for a busy day.  With Abby around, every moment was an adventure.  As she reached to turn out the light she said, “Goodnight Sweet Abby.  I love you.

            At that, a little cherub voice said, “Nannygranne, what does it mean, ‘I love you’?”

            Nannygranne knew it was another ploy to delay sleep, but they both knew that a question in this house would never go unanswered.  Besides, this question was pure gold.

            Nannygranne stopped, took a deep breath and smiled at the little girl.   Slowly she settled beside Abby, sitting on the bed.  “What do you mean when you say ‘I love you?’?”

            “I mean that I like you,” she responded.

            “Tell me about times when you’ve said, ‘I love you’ then.”

            Abby tucked her arms behind her head, looking thoughtfully up to the ceiling.  Finally, she began to list her memories. “I told my kitty I love her.  I told Mommy I loved her cookies.  I told Grandad I love him.  I told Jesus I love Him.  I told you I love my new shoes.”  Then pausing, she added, “That was today…” and was about to continue.

            “Ok, let’s think about those times first and then if we have time we’ll think about other times.  Is that ok?”

            “Yes.  That will work for me,” she chirped.

            “Well, I love that you love so many things.  You have a beautiful heart with so much love in it.  I think God gives you a heart that runs over with love.  In fact, the Bible says that God is love.”  

               Nannygranne stopped, catching her breath.  Eyes wide, she said, “Abby!  I just thought of something.  If God is love and your heart is full of love, then your heart is full of God!”

            Abby’s bright eyes lit up.  “It is?  Wow!  I can’t wait to tell Grandad!”

            Nannygranne stopped.  Then, with head tilted and a finger upon her chin, she said, “But wait.  You said you love your Grandad and you love your new shoes.  Which love is bigger in your heart:  your Grandad love or your shoe love?”

            Abby thought carefully, then answered, having just discovered a Truth.  “My Grandad love is very big and my Mommy and Daddy love is very VERY big.  My kitty love is big, too.  But my shoe love and my cookie love are just…”  Then she thought further.  “I think my shoe love and my cookie love is really just like.”

            “Abby, you just make my heart smile, did you know that?”  Nannygranne again tucked the cover around Abby and replaced her favorite stuffed elephant.  “But Abby, there’s the biggest love of all.  It’s a love so big that it has to be planted in our hearts by God and grow there.  It’s God love and it’s the kind of love that loves even when it hurts to keep loving.  Jesus loved us with that kind of love and that’s why He came from Heaven to this old world and showed us how to love people.  Then He loved us so much that He died for our sins so we wouldn’t have to.  We hurt His feelings so much, but He keeps helping us do better and wants us to be with Him if we’ll come to Him.  That’s the biggest love of all.”            

The silence made Nannygranne realize that Abby had fallen asleep.  She brushed a curl away from the little girl’s eyes with a prayer that Abby’s zest for life and love would always lead her to search for the biggest love of all.  That would be the only true source of satisfaction and deep purpose wherever life should take her.

“Why Isn’t God Making Roger Well?”

The discussion led to sad news while visiting with dear friends before dropping off their daughter for the evening.  “Nannygranne, did you see on Facebook that Roger’s taken a turn for the worse?

“Yes!  I was so hoping that once he was on the ventilator that things would improve with his Covid.”

“Mommy, is Roger going to die?”  Dana asked.

Not wanting to give her daughter false hope, her mother admitted, “Honey, he might, but we’re going to keep praying and trusting God to do what’s best.”

Then turning to Nannygranne, eyes pleading, Dana asked, “Why isn’t God making Roger well, Nannygranne?”Nannygranne’s heart skipped a beat.  There was no way Dana could know she’d just asked the most haunting question of all believers.  ‘If God is all good and God is all-powerful, then how can evil (or in this case, death) exist?’  Leaning closer to Dana, Nannygranne said, “Honey, God always answers our prayers for our good, but He doesn’t always say yes.  And we aren’t as wise as God.  If God knows that now is Roger’s time to die, God will see that he’s taken good care of because He made Roger. So we can trust God, right?”

Dana’s eyes fell to her hands in sadness, and the adults’ conversation continued, but Nannygranne knew she still had questions.   After her mother left, she hoped Dana would want to talk more.

Later in the evening, after dinner, Nannygranne was clearing dishes, and Dana wanted to help. And, as hoped, Dana wanted to continue the conversation.  “Nannygranne, Daddy said that Roger was a good man and deserved to get well. That’s why we needed to be praying for him.  I think God should make him well.”

“Yes, Roger is a good man.  Do we think God lets people die because they are bad?”

“I don’t know.  Does He?” She handed Nannygranne a dish to rinse.

“Well, I’ve known kind grandparents, helpful nurses, mothers, and even children to die.  They were good people.  Then there are mean and dangerous people in prison who got Covid who didn’t die.  So God must not decide according to good or bad.  What do you think?”

As Dana put a bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator, she mulled over the information.  “I guess that’s right.”  

“I just remembered a time when Jesus was talking to his disciples about a tragedy that had happened to some of their neighbors.  They were wondering if they’d been bad.  Some had been murdered, and others had been killed when a building had collapsed on them.  He told them it hadn’t happened because they were bad people.  He said being good or bad won’t keep people from dying.  He said we need to be ready when it’s our time to die.1 Unless Jesus comes first, we will all have to face death, and that’s why Jesus wants us to change and follow Him.  And in addition to that, He helps us know how to live well.” 3

“Oh, I’d never heard that story,” Dana said.  “Then how does God decide who to heal, then?”

“That’s an answer God hasn’t given us.  Some answers we’re going to have to wait and ask when we see Him in His world.  A good verse to memorize for times like this is Deuteronomy 29:29:  “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.”

Dana stopped and looked at her friend, “Then you don’t know if God will make Roger well.”  Her tone had a hint of disappointment.

Nannygranne reached out her hand, taking Dana’s in her own.  “No, Dana, I do not know God’s plans for Roger.  But there are some things you and I do know for certain.  God made you and me and Roger in His image.  He’s always wanted Roger with Him.  He knows all about all of us and knows how our bodies work.  And God is love.  Also, God respects our wishes.  Only God knows what is between Him and Roger, and God will do what is best and right.  God knows we want Roger to live.  We will all come to our life’s exit door one day unless Jesus returns for us first.  But each time someone stands at that exit door, it reminds us all to ask ourselves if we’re ready to meet Jesus.  If Jesus comes before we die, we’ll have no more reminders.  Let’s pray again for Roger, OK?”

With their hands together, they prayed for God to spare Roger’s life, especially if he needed more time to prepare to meet Jesus, and they prayed that God would heal the world of Covid and thanked Him for the reminder to be ready, too.


Luke 13:1-5

Hebrews 9:27

3 John 10:10

Six Year Old: “God, Why Can’t I Have a Cell Phone?”

Competition was intense between Nannygranne and Ben during their after-breakfast bout of Uno.  

“Best out of five,” Ben shouted as he lost his second hand.

“Ok, if you can stand to lose again,” laughed Nannygranne.

The boy grinned. “Oh, I won’t lose.”

As Nannygranne dealt the next hand, she decided to ask her favorite question of her young friends at moments like these.  “Ben, I have a question for you.  If you could ask God any question, what would that question be?”

Without hesitation, Ben declared, “I’d ask God why He won’t make Mom and Dad let me have a cell phone!”

“Have you asked God to do that?”

“I prayed and prayed, but they still won’t let me have one.”

“Do your friends have cell phones?”

“Jade has one and Rocky. And my cousin Sam has one,” he responded, a touch of frustration in his voice.

“What grade are they going to be in this year?” 

“Jade and Rocky will be in 5th grade, and Sam will be in 1st grade.”


Nannygranne could see why he might be confused.

“My granddaughter just had her 14th birthday and will be starting 9th grade, and her parents just now gave her the first cell phone for her birthday gift.”  

Ben dropped his jaw and bugged his eyes.  “Are you kidding me?  Why did they do that?”  He was appalled.

“They said they did it for three reasons.  First of all, they wanted her to learn to keep herself safe and to choose to think on good things, and also to learn how not to be controlled by something else.”

Ben looked confused.  “I don’t get it.”

“Being safe is about stranger danger.  You’ve heard of stranger danger, right?

Ben nodded his head as he picked up his cards.

“A cell phone can be like a tiny window where every stranger in the world can see your face, find out your name, where you live and go to school, and even where you are.   Also, it can be a window where your eyes let really scary things into your mind.  Sometimes those things give you bad dreams and bad feelings, and it’s hard to get them out.  So, cell phones have stranger danger, and it’s safer when you’re older.”

“I did not know that,” Ben replied.   “But what about that other stuff? Being controlled?”

“Well, you know how sometimes it’s hard for you to turn off your video games on the TV when Mom asks you to do something else?  That’s hard, and you can’t carry your TV around with you.  When you have a cell phone, your brain wants to play with it all the time.  After a while, many kids forget to play outside, talk to their parents, and stop doing things with other people or anything.  Their cell phones just take over.  It would be best if you were grown up enough and wise enough to work hard at not letting that happen.  When you get to where you can stop playing your video games without Mom having to ask you, you’re getting closer to being grown up enough to have a cell phone.”

Ben ducked his head and grinned. “Ok, Nannygranne.  I’m going to work on that.”

“And there is another thing that we need to remember about not just cell phones, but about TV, movies, books, video games, and even things we talk about.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s the part about ‘thinking on good things.’  The Bible says, “And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings. His peace can do this far better than our human minds. Brothers and sisters, continue to think about what is good and worthy of praise. Think about what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected.”  What do you think God’s telling us?”

Ben looked thoughtful. “God wants us to think good things?”

“Yes.  God wants us to choose what we spend our time thinking about.  He wants us to not waste our brains on ugly, mean, or hate-filled things.  The internet is mostly that kind of thing.  We have to know how to search for good things and wise things and not just read whatever the internet says.  We need wisdom.  It takes awhile to have that kind of wisdom, so it’s better to be older before getting a cell phone.  Does that make sense now?”

Ben’s expression showed that he hated to admit he understood. But eventually, he nodded his head in defeat.  “I guess so.”

“You know, Ben, God really did answer your prayer,” Nannygranne said as she laid her hand on his.

“He did?”  

“Yes.  God answered ‘No.’  He even said ‘No’ to Jesus one time when He prayed.  God always does what’s best for us because He loves us and knows everything there is to know.  We can trust Him.  That always makes me feel better when I have to wait.”

Ben grinned then while mischievously discarding a Wild Draw Four.  “Ha HA!  I want the color RED!”

And the question was answered.  Nannygranne smiled beneath her groan and prayed for all the parents facing this very question that all of them would wisely and bravely lead their babies in God’s way of life.