A New Series to Teach Children

The purpose of the Zoey series was to introduce children to the facts that there is a God, the Bible is His Word, and Jesus is His Son. This new series is to incorporate basic Bible truths in coloring storybooks. The first book in the series is IZZY’S SECRET DIARY.

The stories feature 8-year-old Izzy and her little stuffed animals: Bugsly, Eddie the Teddy, Valerie, Nuts and Nuts, Ms. Lily and her six babies, and Humphrey Hippo. Each fun story includes a Bible story, a memory verse, and application. There are five stories to enjoy and more that fifty pictures to color. There are even helpful suggestions in the back for parents or other caregivers. IZZY is perfect for bedtime stories for preschoolers or read-anytime for young readers. Hours of fun for a few dollars.

Available from Amazon.


As we close down this website, we want to say a heartfelt “Thank you!” to those who have supported this effort, especially those who have faithfully followed Nannygranne and encouraged her. You will probably be excited to learn that she is collecting her stories in a book. If you would be interested in that, you can email her at grannecoleman99@gmail.com.

One last note: You can still buy the three-book set of the ZOEY books from the Warren Center for $24.95 plus p&h – a savings of $5.00. To order, go to: https://warrenapologetics.org/bookstore/zoey-faith-book-series.

God bless. David Roper, editor and author.


I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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