“Why Didn’t God Make Himself a Wife?”

One sunny summer afternoon, Nannygranne and Timmy headed for their favorite Turtle Pond just down the street from her house.  Timmy held Nannygranne’s hand as they walked, “helping” her find the way.

“How many turtles do you think we’ll see today,” Nannygranne wondered.

“I saw about fifty last time!”   Timmy loved Turtle Pond.

Finally arriving, they found a shaded seat to settle in and observe the movements in the still water.  As heads popped up, looked around, and submerged again, Timmy would shout the number.  Eventually they were up to thirteen.

“Oh look, Nannygranne!  There’s a mommy, a daddy, and their baby!  See?”  Whispering excitedly, Timmy pointed and ran toward the water to make sure his guest hadn’t missed the excitement.

“That makes me remember something God said when He made the first man . . . ,” Nannygranne started.

“That was Adam,” Timmy interrupted.

“Yes, when God made Adam, He said it’s not good that man should be alone, so He made Eve for his wife.  It looks like God made turtle families, too.”  

Head tilted, Timothy wondered, “If it’s not good to be alone, why didn’t God make Himself a wife, too?” 

“Well, there was only one human that day, so God made him a wife to be with and be his helper.  But God isn’t alone in Heaven.”

“He’s not?”  Timmy was now tossing sticks in the direction of the turtles, having grown bored with counting.

“Oh no. God has His angel army and heavenly creatures.  Also, the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus are always together. Jesus is God’s Son.”

Timmy hopped onto the bench next to Nannygranne. “But how did God have a Son if He didn’t have a wife?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard the story, Timmy.  God asked Mary and Joseph to be Jesus’ human parents when Jesus came to earth to become a human.  But God made marriage just for humans.  In fact, God made marriage to help us understand God’s plan for all humans.”  

Nannygranne knew more questions were stirring now.

“Marriage is to help us understand what?”  

“When God made Eve, He made her the same as Adam, but different. He made Adam a boy and Eve a girl.  He made her to fit with Adam and to be Adam’s helper.”  Then God gave them the job of taking care of the earth.”

“Eve was a helper, like when me and Mama help Daddy clean out the garage?”  

Nannygranne smiled. “Well, something like that.  God also made humans to be like Him in some ways and different in some ways. Like Him, He wants us to take care of one another and our world.

“God also made husbands and wives so children will be born and so we will have families in this world.  One day, God’s children will go live with Him forever and be His big family.”

“So God made us to be His helpers and makes us His family?”

“Yes, Timmy. But most importantly, God made marriage and families so we can learn how to love like He does.  Love is so important.  He wants us to learn how to love each other as brothers and sisters and to obey our fathers.  God also really wants husbands and wives to always love each other.  That’s how He loves us.  He never stops wanting us in His family. He’s the best Father we will ever have.

Timmy wanted to be sure he understood. “So God doesn’t need a wife because He already knows how to love and already has Jesus and us.  Is that right?”

“My oh my, Timmy! You listen so well!”

“Yeah.  Learning all about turtles made me smart like that.”  Timmy bobbed his head.  

Nannygranne ruffled Timmy’s hair.  “Keep asking good questions like that, Timmy.  God loves helping you find your answers.”

For deeper study of God’s purpose of marriage see Gen. 1:26-27; 2:15-25

Marriage as an analogy in the Old Testament:  https://unlockingthebible.org/lifekey/the-analogy-of-marriage-in-the-old-testament/

Marriage as an analogy in the New Testament:  https://unlockingthebible.org/lifekey/the-analogy-of-marriage-in-the-new-testament/


I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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