How Do We Know God is Real?

 Nannygranne could tell that Eric had thought about it awhile and didn’t know if it was okay that he wondered.  He was young enough to know he was supposed to think God is real, but old enough to know that some people didn’t think so.  He’d heard some people on TV say they didn’t think God is real.  Adults had discussed how bad atheists were supposed to be but nobody said anything about God in his school books.

“What do you hope?” Nannygranne asked

“I hope He is, but I can’t see Him,” Eric whispered.

“That’s OK, because there are a lot of good things we can’t see,” she assured him.  “Can you see love?”  He shook his head, a smile teasing his lips.  “Can you see what makes your tummy feel hungry?”  This time he laughed.  “I know several reasons we can know God is real, but I’ll show you just one of them.”

Nannygranne sat next to the boy and asked him to toss her his ball.  “Have you learned at school yet how the universe started?”  He shook his head.  “You’ll hear some theories about that at school.  But I want to show you something with the ball. “

She placed the ball on the bench between them. “What’s it doing?”

“Nothing.” He figured she was up to something.

“Now turn around and look behind you.”  While he was turned, Nannygranne started the ball spinning.  “Now look at the ball.  What happened?”

“You moved it.”  He waited for an explanation

“How do you know I moved it?”

“Because you’re the only one here.”

“If you’d turned around and the ball was spinning and I was gone, what would you think?”

“I’d still think you moved it.”

“Why?” I asked

“Because it couldn’t move itself.”

“You are so right!  This ball can’t move itself.”  I pitched him the ball.

“We know that the universe is moving…and it’s getting wider and wider, like when you drop a rock in water and the rings get wider and wider.”1

“Yeah.  We studied that in school.”

“Hmm. I wonder if all that movement had a cause, or if there was nothing and then everything?”

Eric studied Nannygranne’s expression for a bit.  Then he realized what he had to say. “It couldn’t move itself and there would have to be something to explode.”

“What do you think could have caused that to happen?” 

Eric’s eyes were wide.  He froze, then whispered, “God?”

“What do you think?  Who else might have been there?”

“Some scientists say it was aliens,” Eric said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“There are some grownups who think that,” Nannygranne admitted.  Then she placed her finger beside her chin and pretended to be deeply puzzled.  “Aliens from where?”   She waited for Eric to formulate his answer. 

“I don’t know.”  He looked down, then had a sudden thought.  “Maybe Andromeda?”  The big word helped him save face.

“Well…” she pondered. “Wait!  Andromeda is part of the universe and inside that explosion — and is still moving, too.”

“Oh yeah.  Aliens would have to be part of the universe after the explosion.”  He returned to tossing the ball up and catching it.

“You know, God is the only one who says how our universe was born, and nothing He says in the Bible conflicts with what scientists know to be true.  They have a lot of ideas they’re working on, but have never proven anything that doesn’t fit God’s report in Genesis about how the world was made.  Some people note that the seven days in the ancient language could mean seven ages.  A lot of details we’ll have to ask God about when we get to His place.” 2

Eric looked intrigued, but confused.

“Want to see what He says?”  Nannygranne pulled up the Easy Reading Bible version on her phone and together they read how God made the world.

“Wow!”  He took Nannygranne’s phone and looked at what they’d read.  “I’m going to show this to Buddy!”

“Hold on,” she laughed. “I need my phone back! Go get your Bible and we’ll find this passage in that so you can show him.  And don’t forget your ball, OK?”



I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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