Are Angels Real?

As the class thoughtfully colored their angels for the story of Mary and Joseph, Nannygranne noticed most were similar,

Except one.

“Are angels real?” asked Alexander.  Ever the thoughtful one in class, Nannygranne knew he was hoping for a real answer.

“I like that question, Alexander,” she said as she patted his shoulder approvingly.  “Does anyone know somebody who doesn’t think angels are real?”

No response.

“Ok, can anyone name someone who  does think angels are real?”

Still no response.

Nannygranne had an unsettling thought. She exaggeratedly laid her finger on her chin and asked, “Has anyone in here ever heard much about angels?”

Hands all over the room flew up.  “You told us there used to be angels.”

“I’ve seen pictures of them. They have wings and a shiny circle over their heads.”

“My grandma likes to watch an angel show on TV.”

Nannygranne said, “What are some things you’d like to know about angels?”

“Do we turn into angels when we get to Heaven?”

“Why can’t we see them? They weren’t invisible in the Bible.”

“Why are angels girls!”

“No! Angels are boys!!!”

“The Bible says Satan has angels, too.  Why does he get to have angels?”

Nannygranne held up her hands in surrender.  “Oh, WOW!  You guys would really like to talk about angels!  How about we do that for a few weeks. Would you guys want to see what all God says about angels?”

A chorus of “Yes! Woo-hoo! Please!” erupted. The timing was perfect because the first dismissal bell rang at that moment.

“Ok, guys.  You’ve got it!  I’ll study God’s book and pray and ask Him to help us learn what we need to learn about angels.  Then we should have some answers to our questions.”

Then she spoke to Alexander. “Alexander, I am so proud of you for asking that question. Let me ask you a question, is that okay?”

Alexander nodded his head cautiously.

“Have we found out in this class that God is real, and His message to us is the Bible?”


“Then I assume we can know that angels are real because God tells us about them. So we’ll go to the Bible to learn about them. Does that sound like a plan?”

Alexander grinned and said, “Yes!  Like a plan!”

(to be continued)


I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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