Was Jesus Wrong About Who He Was?

After settling in with their pizza, a hush fell over the group with their first hungry mouthfuls.  Nannygranne picked up their conversation—about the validity of  Jesus—where they’d left off a while earlier.

“Okay, Jacob had a question we decided to talk about while we were having pizza.  Does anyone remember what his question was . . . besides Jacob?”

Chloe raised her hand. “How do we know Jesus was real?”

“No,” Jacob corrected, “I said, ‘How do we know Jesus even lived?’”

“Thank you, Chloe, for being willing to help,” Nannygranne said, ignoring Jacob’s peevishness.

Brooke, being the oldest, chimed in.  “You asked us to be thinking about whether Jesus was a fairytale or crazy or a big liar or if He was real.”

“So, Brooke, what are you wondering about Jesus?”

“Well, I don’t think He was crazy.  That’s for sure.  His friends trusted him, and nobody ever said they thought He was.”

Nannygranne then said, “Well actually, Brooke, there was one time someone thought Jesus was out of His mind.”

“Who did?” Jillian asked.

“Well,” Nannygranne said sadly, “it was His family.  Mary and Jesus’ brothers.”

“What?!!”  Jillian said, incensed at such a thought.

“I’m afraid so.” Nannygranne continued.  Then she pulled up Mark 3:21, 31-35.  After reading Jesus’ calm response, everyone agreed Jesus didn’t act crazy or even impatient.

“Does anyone think Jesus just said He was God’s son but lied about it?” Nannygranne waited for someone to answer.  The children understood what lying was and how easy it could be.  “What happens when you lie?  Does someone generally notice?”

“Yes!” declared Mason.  “And Mama makes me tell the truth and apologize.”

“So your mother helps you do the right thing, so your life is better.  Good for her, Mason!”

“When someone lies, others find out and tell other people,” offered Jillian.

“Liars eventually get caught, don’t they?” Nannygranne said.  “Jesus’ disciples were with Him almost every day for three years.  Do you think they’d have caught Him if He lied?”

“Oh yeah!  They sure would!” Mason announced, feeling smart and grownup participating in the table talk.

“If  someone lied and got you in trouble, would  you still not say they lied—when you got a spanking for it?”

“You mean I get a spanking because somebody lied and said I did something wrong?”  Jacob was incredulous!

“How do you feel about that, Jacob?”

“That’s crazy!  No way!!” About this, Jacob was passionate.

“Did you know that after Jesus went back to Heaven,  Jesus’ Apostles and a lot of other people got killed because they believed Jesus was real?”

Now five large pairs of eyes held Nannygranne’s. Chloe was first to speak.  “The Apostles were killed, too?”

“Yes.  Every single one of them, except John, and he died in jail.  Did they think Jesus was a liar?”

“They must not have or they wouldn’t let somebody kill them,” Brooke said.

“Jesus wasn’t a liar, or somebody would have known it.”  Nannygranne took a drink of her lemonade, then continued.  “So, Jesus wasn’t crazy and He wasn’t a liar.  Was He a fairytale?”

“Nannygranne, can we get icecream on the way home?” Mason asked.

Immediately the other four chimed in, making it a unanimous decision.

“We can talk about fairytales over icecream.  How does that sound?”

(Continued next week)


I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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