Will I Turn into a Boy, Too, Like Chrissy? (Part Four)

She helped me clear the table and carry lunch dishes into the kitchen.

“You want to wash the dishes?  I’ll dry and put them away and I can tell you more that I’ve learned about God’s dream for men and women together.”

“I like washing better than drying….thanks!”

As she dawdled with the suds and enjoyed dowsing and refilling cups, we could talk more. “Do you remember what Jesus said was God’s plan for husbands and wives?”

“Uh…..that they help each other live God’s way?”

Yes…but let me read what he told his friends when he was still living on earth. Someone had asked him if it was okay to get a divorce.” I dried my hands and pulled my phone out of my pocket, quickly finding the Easy English version of Matthew 19:4 and began to read.

‘You surely have read about this in God’s book,’ Jesus replied. ‘At the start of the world, God made men and he also made women. Because of this, a man leaves his father and his mother.  God joins him and his wife together. The man and the woman become like one person. They are not two separate people any longer. They are like one person. God has joined them together to be husband and wife.  So nobody must separate them.”

“So you can see that Jesus wanted people to live God’s way because He created us to be together and he doesn’t want families to come apart.”

“A lot of people get divorced,” she observed.  My Uncle Milo and Aunt Maya got a divorce.” She was a bright girl.  She wondered where this fit into her family.

“Yes, they do.  And people got divorces back then, too, but Jesus doesn’t want folks to have to go through that either. Divorces hurt, don’t they. Sometimes people just get stubborn and won’t try to stay on God’s path.”

She grew quiet, seeming to turn it all over in her mind. Finally she said, “Yeah. Everybody’s feelings were hurt. I miss seeing Aunt Maya and my cousins.”

“The Apostle Paul, a really wise friend of Jesus, said that even though sometimes people have really messed up their lives by just doing what they felt like doing, not trying to live God’s way, that if they want to start listening to God, Jesus will wash all that pain away and give us a new start. Then we can start over and live God’s best way. When men and women get married and treat each other the way God treats us, then that makes the world a better place. But you don’t have to get married, but if you do that’s okay with God, too.”

“I have another question:  Why does Heather have two mommies?”

“Can I talk to God about that and let’s talk some more tomorrow?  I’d love for you to help me bake some banana bread and could use your help.  Could we do that?”


I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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