What Is Faith (1)

(Today’s guest blogger is Tim King, who is preparing a study guide for teens and college age entitled Apologetics 101.)

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1; emphasis added).

Whether you are aware or not, you operate on faith all the time.  When we converse with people, we generally take their experiences and stories as truth even though we were not there to witness them.  We learn through faith in others’ experiences.  Otherwise. all of us would have scars from touching a hot stove, or being stung from messing with beehives, or electrocuted from touching the wall socket.  (Okay, some people have to learn the hard way.)

How many of you believe that I, the author of this article—or any other person—has a brain? Have you seen it?

A scientist once asked a colleague, “How can you believe in God?”   The man replied, “The same way you believe that the earth’s core is iron. You nor anyone else has been there to see it, but you were told by reliable sources who have studied the evidence that is the case, and you believe what they say.”

The fact is, there are realities we accept as true that we have not necessarily seen or personally experienced.

Even so, there are fundamental realities in our lives that we accept by faith. By fundamental realities, I mean answers to questions like “Where did everything come from?,” “Why are we here?,” “Where are we going?,” and “How should we live?”  Science cannot provide satisfying answers for these questions, but faith has good answers for each one.

Back to Hebrews 1:1: What is the “unseen” reality behind everything? Here it is: God is the creator. He created everything out of nothing; He created the visible out of that which is unseen.

Does faith in God make any difference? If we think everything is just the random product of chance, we may decide nothing we do matters.  If we think that when we die, we die and that is the end, we may live irresponsibly. What we believe makes a great deal of difference!

(More later)



I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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