“Where is Jesus’ house? I want Him to come to my house.”

It was my favorite time of day:  our “Happy Time Together” before the dreaded nap. After a story about when I was a little girl, we talked about back when Jesus was here. And we talked about how fun it’s going to be when we all live with Jesus and nobody has to go away to work or go back home after visiting. Then, with eyes struggling to stay open, he asked me one last question. “Where is Jesus’ House?  I want Him to come to my house.”

“Oh, my sweet boy, Jesus is coming to your house.  But he’s still working on your room at his house.  He’ll come pick us all up when it’s time.”  As I rubbed his back and began to sing his lullaby, his eyes closed the windows of now as he slipped into his peaceful world of dreams.

I gently tucked his blanket over his shoulders and realized that one day he would wonder again about Jesus’ world. And he won’t be alone. Jesus’ own beloved one, John, wondered about that, too. He wondered what it was going to be like. He said, “Dear friends, now we are children of God. We have not yet been shown what we will be in the future. But we know that when Christ comes again, we will be like Him. We will see Him just as He is.” I John 3:2. But John also said there are some things we can know. In John 20:29-31 John says Jesus did many miracles that weren’t recorded, but that he’d recorded his so that “you can believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and through your faith in Him you can have life.”

Jesus left earth for His own dimension somewhere outside of our reality.  Since He created the universe, He exists outside it. But because He gave us the capacity to search His creation, we find magnificent, masterful truths about His world around us. Within just the past twenty years, science has discovered that it is the power of light that literally keeps atoms…and thus literally EVERYTHING in the universe…from flying apart.

Think of this. We each are made up of atoms of course; therefore, this photon-electron transaction..this spark of light… is happening this very moment throughout our bodies. If you and I were in  a pitch dark room we couldn’t see each other because our eyes require VISIBLE light to see; however, there are spectrums of light–from radio waves to microwaves– bombarding us and some light even EMANATING from us! That’s why we can use an infrared camera to read our “heat signals.”  We now know that since light is literally present in every part of the universe, then we have every reason to believe that God can also be present and active in every part of the universe!  If God can make light be everywhere all at once, then we can believe that He is everywhere all at once.  That’s “Omnipresence!”

God compares His Spirit to the wind as well. Jesus said, “The Spirit is like the wind that blows wherever it wants to. You can hear the wind, but you don’t know where it comes from or where it is going.” We cannot hold the wind or touch the light. But they exist in our reality just as God does although not in the same physical manner.

As I sit here lost in thoughts of light, wind, and God, I hear a stirring in the little one’s room. I enter quietly, softly asking if he’s awake and pull the curtains back to let in the light filtering through the blinds.

“I found out where Jesus lives,”  I begin.

“You did?” he whispers, rubbing his eyes.

“Yes. Let me show you.” Picking him up I carry him to the window.

“God doesn’t need a house like we do. He doesn’t get cold or tired or hungry and nobody can bother Him because He said He is Light. But He is different from this light.”  I held out my hand as if holding the light.  He slowly opened his own hand, feeling the warmth of the sun. “This light will go out when the sun goes to sleep, though, won’t it?”

“Uh huh,” he agreed. “And when you turn out my light, too!”

“God’s light never goes out. And the dark always runs away when light is around, doesn’t it.”

“Yeah!” he pumped his fist now. “Jesus is strong!”

“Yes, He is!” I then carried him to the front door, opening it into the afternoon sun and breeze. “And God said He is like the wind, too.”  I set him down onto the porch and said, “Let’s see if we can feel the wind.”

He spread out his arms lifting his face to the sun. “I feel it!” His eyes opened wide in amazement. “Is that God?”

“No the wind isn’t God, but God is like the wind He made. Can you see the wind?”

“No” he looked at me expecting me to show him where to look.

“And we can’t see God, either, can we…but He is here! And there! And everywhere!” Now I had my arms outstretched. “Can you catch the wind?” I laughed. “Let’s see if we can!” He ran now, grasping at the air gleefully, knowing this was a game. I chased him down and gathered him up into my arms. “That’s why God doesn’t need a house like we do.  He is everywhere, listening, watching, working, and waiting for us to listen for Him and feel Him.  He lives everywhere…even inside us.”

“Is He with me, too?” he asked excitedly.

“That’s right.” I smiled and kissed him on his head. “And that means He IS here at your house.  That’s why we talk to Him to thank him for our food, too.  And when He’s ready, He’ll come get everyone who trusts Him and wants to live with Him.  Then we’ll all live together in His world and won’t ever have to leave ever again.”

He grew quiet for a brief second, gazing thoughtfully into the sky. Then he turned to me with the sweetest expression and said, “Can I have a snack?” He was satisfied now.  So was I.


I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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