Why Time with NannyGranne

Anne Coleman and childrenKids have their own mantras.  Starting with “No!,” they progress to “Mine!” eventually culminating in the silent eye roll.   I’m convinced however, the foremost mantra is the genuine “Why?”

I remember well, as a sleepless young mother, little high pitched “Whys?!” echoing in my weary brain.  The earworm returned more than once as a daycare owner, grandmother, Sunday school teacher, and professional nanny.  I’ve learned to love those wide-eyed “Whys.” “Why?” you may ask? Because taking their questions seriously and helping them explore and discover the answers for themselves guidesthem in the adventure of discerning Truth.  After all, the view from the top is always better when you have actually climbed the mountain yourself. It’s not about finding “their truth.” It’s about finding reality.

Above all, I want them to know there are answers, and they can always feel free to ask their questions, especially the important ones.

Today I introduce you to WHY TIME. We’ll answer, among others, the questions: Why can’t I see God?  Was Jesus a superhero?  Why weren’t there dinosaurs on the ark?  Why is my thinking so loud?  Is Fluffy in Heaven with Grandad?  Why does Heather have two mommies?  Will I turn into a boy like Sally did?  Did God make the Aliens?

Our son recounted a pivotal conversation he remembers from his teen years, a conversation his father and I had forgotten.  His epiphany came when his Daddy said, “Never be afraid to keep asking questions. Just be honest in looking for the truth.  Don’t just accept an idea because you like it or reject it because you don’t.  Truth will stand up under honest inquiry.”  Today, my son Travis Coleman loves discussion, discourse, and discovery. He earned a Masters’ Degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and now I often ask him “Why”. I hope to pass that wisdom on to you.

So, come sit with us.  Watch your young ones brighten as you value their questions by gifting them with the unhurried time of an adult.  Who knows!  Maybe we’ll all learn something.

-NannyGranne (AKA Anne Coleman)

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I am a mother, grandmother, nanny, and writer—with a passionate concern about children, all children. With the help of my son Travis (who has a graduate degree in apologetics) I hope to share some thoughts that will be helpful to all who have the same concern.

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