It took longer than anticipated, but the second Zoey faith book is now available: ZOEY STILL LIKES TO ASK QUESTIONS!  It’s a fun story that teaches Zoey (and your children) that God speaks to us today through His word, the Bible. Again there is a section at the end for parents and others with suggestions regarding instilling faith in our children. There are few things more important in our world!

Here is one parent’s review:

Once having learned the ability of speech, kids very quickly use the opportunity to ask all of the myriad questions they have. Why is the sky blue? Why can’t I do this? What is that? Some of these questions are (thankfully) rather simple to explain, but sometimes our little ones can ask questions that are a bit more complex.

Zoey is one of those question-filled little ones.

“Why doesn’t God answer my questions?”

This is just one of a couple questions that Zoey has — and receives an answer to.

Despite the challenging subject matter, the story is simple and straightforward — my 6-year old son was able to read all of the large text with very minimal help. More importantly, he was able to comprehend the basic idea of the story when asked questions about it. The artwork is also very good in that the characters and backgrounds are more realistic in how they are drawn and less like primitive cartoons.

Whether you’re a parent or a Sunday school teacher, this series of books would be an excellent investment in your child’s spiritual development.

“Eman Nep” and son Seth

The book is only $9.95 (plus p&h) and can be ordered from the publishers. Here is the link: https://warrenapologetics.org/bookstore/zoey-still-like-to-ask-questions.

We would love to hear what you think about the series.



You can still get your copy of the first Zoey book (on the existence of God) by clicking on the link below. Make sure you get them all!

To order your copy or copies, go to warrenapologetics.org/bookstore.

JUST $9.95!

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